Law Enforcement

Undercover Training (Basic)

Provides a 40 – hour block of basic classroom instruction on the use of this sophisticated undercover investigative technique through the use of video/audio case presentations, practical applications, and role-playing scenarios for the novice Agent/Officer. Agent/Officer safety is the paramount operational consideration. Additional training blocks include: mission and mental preparation; scenario development; legend-building/backstopping; ingratiation, trust development, and rapport-building; communication skills; verbal/non-verbal cues; Alias/False Identification matters; recording devices; legal considerations; undercover personnel psychological factors; and courtroom testimony by undercover personnel. Offers undercover tactical firearms training course.

Undercover Training (Advanced)

Provides a 30 – hour block of advanced classroom instruction similar to the above but directed towards more experienced undercover personnel, and those assigned to long-term and deep ā€“ cover complex UCOs.

Undercover Training (Management)

Provides a 20 – hour block of classroom instruction for front-line Supervisors and Executive Management managing UCOs in developing safe and efficient UCOs. This comprehensive training mitigates potential liability for untrained law enforcement personnel while addressing safety considerations and risk mitigation practices, in addition to legal and financial administrative considerations.

Undercover Training (Individual)

Will provide one-on-one individualized personal training, development, and mentoring of a single Agent/Officer already selected for an undercover assignment. Will develop a specific backstopped legend and scenarios to safely position the Agent/Officer and to provide the UCO with the highest likelihood of safety and success.

Undercover Consulting

Provides law enforcement framework specifics for establishing, developing and implementing an Undercover Program/Unit. Provides operational, administrative, legal, and financial considerations for UCOs and undercover personnel. Provides guidance on applicable Department policy and procedure for UCOs and undercover personnel. Provides experienced consulting services and guidance on undercover matters and investigations, to include proper selection of undercover personnel, undercover scenario development and execution, and supervising UCOs and undercover personnel. Identify proven successful scenarios to maximize investigative efforts towards a safe and successful prosecution in all violation areas.

Undercover ā€“ Operational

Provides operational expertise and experience in the use of a specialized undercover technique used primarily in unresolved cold-case homicide investigations. Will conduct a viability/feasibility assessment review to determine if this specialized technique is applicable.